Seeking New Team to Join

I am presently seeking a group enterprise to join.

Thus far i*ve had an amazing work life. I’ve been graced with the rare privilege of doing meaningful work i’m passionate about and skilled at that also makes the world better and pays decently. I love it—and at the same time, my soul is restless for change. In particular, as a solo practitioner i’ve missed working with day-to-day colleagues, the feeling of being part of a team, doing something larger together.

I’m looking to join a group here in Chanchifin (Kalapuya place name for the location many presently call Eugene/Springfield) for paid employment. It might be a startup or an established enterprise. It might be a business or nonprofit or some other form, public or private. It might be big or small. I might work part-time or full. I’m sufficiently mission-driven that i care more about purpose than pay level, though i am seeking reasonable pay. I might be contributing similar skills to what i do now, or something substantively different. Given that these are all flexible, what are my criteria?

  1. I’m seeking a team whose company i enjoy and have good chemistry with. I envision positive, competent, smart, trustworthy comrades who treat each other well, with leadership i respect.
  2. The purpose needs to be one i believe in, something basically good.
  3. I’m looking to work primarily face-to-face here in the local area, preferably commutable by bike.
  4. I’m looking for an organization with healthy culture and values i can align with. A setting that supports work/life balance, preferably with flexible scheduling. Ideally, an enterprise with a “flatter” organizational structure, grounded in “liberated” workplace principles.

My sweet spot, the work i am most inspired by, brings together streams of input (e.g., in the form of ideas, people, money, energy, or any combination thereof), integrates them into something new and worthy, then gives the result back to the commons for long-term benefit.

What can i offer?  Some primary gifts include:

  • I’m a facilitation maestra who’s worked with 200+ organizations helping them become more effective. I design lively meetings, events, and trainings that accomplish the goals they are called for while being lively and inclusive. I coach people to communicate clearly and resolve conflicts and challenges. I help cultivate culture toward working well together.
  • I’m a natural organizer. I organize people, projects, places, and stuff—respectfully and with care. I keep track of things.
  • I’m a systems thinker who aligns action and details toward purpose and goals, doing whatever strategizing and road-mapping is necessary along the way to get from here to there.
  • I get things done, on time, within budget. I get off on being productive and efficient. I’m reliable in meeting commitments.

In addition, some other skills and experiences i bring include:

  • I founded a nonprofit that operates as a social enterprise. Together we created a beautiful and useful card deck that’s been purchased by thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world, and translated into 3 other languages. To make this happen i recruited 50 volunteers (not counting the translation teams, which operate autonomously), managing and weaving their contributions along the way.
  • I helped start a housing co-op that’s still going two decades later. My volunteer work there included raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in private loans (and some in donations).
  • I enjoy writing and editing and have written many articles for publication. I used to earn my keep as a proofreader and book indexer. I’m good at research and synthesizing information. I take pleasure in expressing ideas clearly.
  • I’m warm and friendly, and enjoy relating with many different kinds of people. I care deeply about doing a good job on whatever i’m working on.

For those who care about such things, i have a BA in Communication from Rutgers and a “senior certified professional” certification from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-SCP).

All this adds up to a variety of roles i might assist with.  For example, i might be your next:

  • organizer
  • coach
  • training designer
  • facilitator
  • engagement strategist
  • policy writer
  • community outreach ambassador
  • fundraiser
  • communication assistant
  • event planner
  • culture steward
  • recruiter
  • organizational development specialist
  • volunteer coordinator
  • operations administrator
  • program manager
  • project honcha
  • networker

If you have ideas, contacts, leads, or any other support to lend in my search, please get in touch! Thank you.

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