Questions to Consider during a Group Conflict

by Kavana Tree Bressen

  1. If this issue has been with your group for a long time now, what are you going to do differently today in order to help create a shift?
  2. What do you appreciate that has been done by someone you disagreed with on this issue?
  3. What do you feel proud of in how you’ve handled this issue? What do you feel sorry about?
  4. What do you understand of the other party’s concerns? What do you think their understandable, legitimate internal story is about what’s been happening? Can you fairly represent their viewpoint in a discussion?
  5. What key piece(s) have you not felt heard about so far? What do you most want others to understand?
  6. What is your power in this situation?
  7. What have you contributed that made it turn out the way it has so far? What might you want to do differently now? What responsibility can you take for co-creating a better future?

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