Teal Resources

Here are links offering a variety of formats to access materials related to Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations.


  • The book itself, heartwarmingly available on a “pay what feels right” basis for e-copies. Also available as an audio-book, and (as of July 2016), a new “illustrated version,” much shorter and expressing similar content with the use of clever visuals!
  • Book excerpt: “The Future of Management Is Teal.”
  • Q&A with Laloux published at InfoQ



Key Resources

  1. The Wiki, beautifully described as “a labor of love, the work of a joyful community, dedicated to soulful organizations everywhere coming to life.”
  2. Enspiral Network from New Zealand is a leading light: sharing their own governance docs and publishing great articles (such as Rich Bartlett’s piece on “The Vibes Theory of Organisational Design”), in the context of running a DIY social enterprise support network. More recently Rich has posted Resources for decentralised organising:  a mega list of handbooks and toolkits for groups working without top-down management from social movements to workplaces. Speaking of Rich, check out his group The Hum.
  3. Corporate Rebels, a Dutch group who started out by visiting teal leaders around the world and writing about their experiences, and eventually launched their own initiatives.
  4. Enlivening Edge, an online space for “next-stage innovators,” offers a library, community hub for live conversations via Zoom, and other resources.
  5. Leadermorphosis podcast hosted by Lisa Gill on self-management and progressive organisations; each episode features a guest thought leader or practitioner.

Other Useful Stuff

There is an ever-expanding pool of online literature available to pursue learning in this. I aim here to compile some of the most useful links. Suggestions are welcome.

General overviews:

Specific topics within teal:

Teal in nonprofits:

Public sector:

  • Hollands Kroon (Netherlands municipality, pop. 50,000) eliminated 70% of the city code rules “to make [it] a freer and happier place to live”
  • Dutch National Police example
  • Holacracy experiment currently underway within an agency of Washington State government

Happy case studies:

Lists of teal organizations:

And more:

Other Books

  • Better Work Together: How the power of community can transform your business (2018) from Enspiral.
  • Going Horizontal: Creating a non-hierarchical organization, one practice at a time (2018) by Samantha Slade.
  • Brave New Work: Are you ready to reinvent your organization (2019) by Aaron Dignan.
  • Lead Together:  The Bold, Brave, Intentional Path to Scaling Your Business (2020) by Brent Lowe, Susan Basterfield, and Travis Marsh.
  • Mooseheads on the Table (2020) by Karin Tenelius & Lisa Gill.
  • The Happy Manifesto (2013) by Henry Stewart. Shorter overview covering many of the same topics as Laloux’s book.
  • Joy, Inc. (2013) by Richard Sheridan. From the CEO & Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations.
  • Freedom, Inc. (2009) by Brian Carney & Isaac Getz. Covers some of the same companies as Laloux, others are different, some fun stories.
  • An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (2016) by Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Matthew L. Miller, & Andy Fleming. To flesh out the “wholeness” aspect in an organization’s operations.
  • Maverick (1993) by Ricardo Semler: A classic that inspired some of the other businesses included here.
  • Working Together (1983) by John Simmons & William Mares. Participatory decision-making and attempts at workplace transformation among American auto manufacturers of the 1970s & ’80s.

For further reading, see the Corporate Rebels list on their resource page or their list of 100 books.

Local Meetup

I organized a local meetup for people in Chanchifin (aka Eugene) Oregon to explore these ideas, which ran from 2016 thru 2022 (happily it continued for another year beyond my departure).  While that group has been laid down, if you’re local and you want to connect around this stuff drop me a line.

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